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Brown haired woman with a hair band holding and kissing her black and white french bulldog.

Meet our Plant Snacks - a terrifically tasty family of plant-based dog treats with a purpose.

Drawn lime green cat with darker green hightlights smiling at drawn lime green dog with darker green tail and hears.

We're all about treating pets right.

Our love for dogs and cats inspired us to embark on a quest to create the world's yummiest, healthiest, tail-wagging-est treats. Want to reward your pet just for being so great? You've come to the right place!

Woman's hand feeding her beagle looking mixed breed dog an Honest to Goodness plant snack treat.

Goodness Guaranteed!

If you and your pet aren't delighted with your Honest to Goodness purchase, you're entitled to a complete refund.

Both of my dogs absolutely LOVE these snacks! It makes me happy to feed them something they enjoy that is also good for them.

- Natalie M.

My dog Max waits at the cabinet where I keep these treats, and if I don't have them out quick enough, I have to clean up the drool on the floor.

-Jimmy B

These treats are the highlight of the day for my little buddy Oslo, and they are so good for him!